A Rio Grande Valley native and a 90’s born child, Eddie grew up influenced by the sounds of previous generations, as well as his own. Listening to the likes of Willie Nelson, David Allan Coe, and Waylon Jennings alongside the then current fix of chart toppers, such as George Strait and Dwight Yoakam, quickly rooted him in a foundational love for the music. That love sprouted and blossomed when at age 9, his uncles bought him a half-size Squier acoustic guitar for Christmas. Weekends at the household became host to many family jam sessions, where he continued to be schooled in traditionalism, learning songs of legends and greats. It wouldn’t be until his high school years, however, that he’d begin to tinker in the discipline of songwriting.


Set on pursuing his passion as an early teen, four years of high school would prove to pass slow. Graduation day eventually came, and as many dreamers do, he packed up and moved to Nashville, TN. While receiving a classroom education at Belmont University, he was also getting an experiential crash course at every writer’s night throughout town that he could get on. A casually released 2013 self-titled EP would garner hometown success and song placements in the independent film, “Dixieland”. The project served as a demonstration of potential and planted a flag for his honest lyrical tendencies.


The end of his college career cumulated with a two-week stint as one part of a duo formed by a manager in the industry. An experience which made the apparent seem obvious, that the heart of his music was relentlessly longing for the Lone Star state. Before ending a near 6-year run in Nashville, he began to lay the groundwork for what would become his first full-length album, “17 Hours” – named for the number of hours created by the stretch of highways and interstates between his hometown of Edinburg, TX and Nashville.


Released in June 2017, the collection of songs captures a matured voice and soul, as well as a reckoning on the recklessness of the artist’s younger days. It tells a 10-song tale of venturing out with a youthful spirit, dwelling in the nightlife, and falling fast into commonly failed love interests, all cultivating a transition into a person whose wisdom is shaped by their experiences. Lyrically, the album shines best on songs such as, “Hometown” and “When I Was Young”, biographical accounts of the hardships of living at home, and all that happens when you leave to live a life separate from it. Sonically, the album is traced with tips-of-the-hat towards traditional twang while carrying doses of overdriven guitars, lending itself towards the ears of today’s Texas Music listeners.


Since relocating back to the Rio Grande Valley in 2015, he has opened for artists such as Toby Keith, Kyle Park, Pat Green, and Josh Abbott Band. The winner of Dalton Domino’s 2016 Dustbowl Sweet Sixteen, he earned a spot on the Festival’s lineup of seasoned songwriters and performers, which included Jason Eady, Adam Hood, and Sean McConnell. He continues to play across the state and then some, chasing white lines and crowds to sing stories to. Whether in a honky tonk or a listening room, the weight of the songwriting is what carries his performance and turns his live show into what he describes as, “3 A.M. life-talks with best friends over some beers.”


Undoubtedly honest, authentic to the core, and a self-proclaimed carrier of the torch of traditional country music values -- Eddie is on a steadfast pursuit to make his mark on the Texas Music genre. Armed with an arsenal of signature country sounds and carefully crafted songs grounded in capturing the human condition, it’s clear to see that he paves his path with matters of the heart, and walks on it with the utmost integrity.